Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top 6 BENEFITS of SEO for eCommerce site

BENEFITS of SEO Services for eCommerce Site

     1. Increases sales
     2. Increases the Brand Awareness
     3. Increases Social Media Likes, Followers and Review
     4. SEO for gain customers naturally who are searching for related products online
     5. Cost Effective Marketing Strategies
     6. No heavy advertising budgets, banner ads, affiliate commissions.

How to Driving Traffic To Your Website
  1. Focus on long-tail keywords
  2. Start a forum on your website
  3. Start a Facebook group that drives traffic to your site
  4. Submit your blog posts
  5. Use e-mail marketing to attract repeat visitors.
  6. Post on relevant blogs
  7. Optimize your existing posts
  8. Focus on your images
  9. Remove irrelevant/unrelated Back Links
Some More Effective Method  to Driving Traffic
  1. Blog Posting and commenting
  2. Review on different website
  3. Questions and answering
  4. Removing Bad Links
  5. Profiles Creations and Posting
  6. Forum Posting
  7. Coupon Sharing
  8. Classified Listing
  9. Social Bookmarking
  10. Directory
  11. Search Engine Submissions
  12. Business Listing
  13. Article Publishing
  14. Social Media Posting
  15. Like and Followers on Social Media